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Let me, if I may, be ever…

This summer I put away my books and went out to enjoy the world. As much as I love books and reading, I never want to get to a point where they matter more than spending quality time with friends and loved ones or actually going out and living life. I’ve still been reading bits and pieces here and there, but nothing that I would call “real” reading. Starting this week, I’m hoping to slowly get back to regular reading.

Today I pulled out George MacDonald: An Anthology (Edited by C. S. Lewis) and came across this quote which I think is beautiful and profound. It’s gotten me thinking about contentment again and how it’s such a multifaceted word. And now I’m wanting to write a longer post about contentment, but it will have to wait till another time. 🙂


Let me, if I may, be ever welcomed to my room in winter by a glowing hearth, in summer by a vase of flowers; if I may not, let me think how nice they would be, and bury myself in my work. I do not think that the road to contentment lies in despising what we have not got. Let us acknowledge all good, all delight that the world holds, and be content without it.Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood by George MacDonald

“Your book bill ought to be your biggest extravagance.”

I had some unexpected work last week and, as a result, had no time left to blog. I did, however, manage to squeeze in the time to make a large book order. I have to admit that I splurged a bit, but I’m happy to think C. S. Lewis would have probably approved. 😀  I love this quote because it succinctly states how I feel about about reading and purchasing books.

From a letter dated April 8, 1941 to Derek Brewer from C.S. Lewis regarding the books he should read to prepare for his time at Oxford, where Lewis was to be his tutor.

The great thing is to be always reading but not to get bored – treat it not like work, more as a vice! Your book bill ought to be your biggest extravagance.” (Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3, in the supplement, page 1540-1541)

Over the last year and a half, my book bill has been, by far, my biggest extravagance. And yet, aside from one book, I haven’t regretted a single purchase. What you can get from reading a good book can last you a lifetime and, I believe, it’s one of the best investments of time and money someone can make. 🙂