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Brandon Sanderson Has Hijacked My Life

This about sums up my life right now…

Brandon Sanderson

About half a year ago, a friend gave me The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance e-books. Prior to this, I’d never heard of Brandon Sanderson. I don’t own an e-reader, so any e-books I read, I read on my laptop and anyone who knows my reading habits knows that I prefer the printed word to e-books (note the pledge on the right side of the blog :)). That said, plopping down in front of my laptop to read a 1,000+ page book by an author I knew little about was not exactly something I was looking forward to. But I’d asked my friend for a book recommendation and this was what he’d recommended so I decided to trust his judgment and give it a try. That was two months ago.

One month later, I’d finished The Way of Kings and had already started on Words of Radiance. I finished Words of Radiance in a little over a week and felt so frustrated and disappointed that I had to wait till next year to read the third Stormlight Archive book. By this time, I’d learned enough about Brandon Sanderson to know he had a Cosmere and, best of all, more books! So I decided to tryout the first of the Mistborn series (audiobook). It had me hooked; by the second or third chapter I HAD to find out what happened next.

As of two days ago, I’ve finished the Mistborn Trilogy. That’s 4000+ pages in two months of Brandon Sanderson alone! Definitely a record for the amount of page time I’ve given any author in two months. Fortunately, about half of it was audiobooked, so I was able to multitask and get some things done. Still, this last month, especially, I’ve felt like a crazy Brandon Sanderson addict or zombie needing my fix, devouring book after book.

Thankfully, I think the crazy part of the voracious appetite attack for all things Brandon Sanderson (namely, relating to his Cosmere. I don’t think I will touch his Wheel of Time books–just not a fan of Robert Jordan’s WoT series), which reached it’s zenith with the Mistborn Trilogy, has subsided. Up next is Mistborn: The Alloy of Law and then, Warbreaker. The voracious appetite is still there, I’m just gonna have to pace myself.

More on each book, and why I find Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy so appealing, later. I just had to get this off my chest. 🙂

I will likely end up ordering hardbacks of most of the Cosmere books. Brandon Sanderson is going to be getting so much of my money. Heh.