Mere Coincidence?

So, Tom, you know how yesterday, on the phone, I told you that I just started studying this book on philosophy and you told me all about your travels, including how you saw the world-famous Book of Kells, in Ireland? (Sadly, I’d never heard of the Book of Kells before, and also didn’t understand, at first, what you meant by it being an “illuminated” manuscript. You very kindly explained it all to me.)

Well, today I pulled out the book I’m studying, A Beginner’s Guide to Ideas, and imagine my surprise, when I flipped it open to this. It just happens to be the only page in the book with parts of medieval illuminated Latin texts and I swear I’ve never seen or opened up to it before.


And then, to top it off, for the first time in over two weeks, I pulled out my George MacDonald: An Anthology (Edited by C. S. Lewis) to read a quote or two. I picked up where I had last left off, and this just happened to be the first quote:

And if we believe that God is everywhere, why should we not think Him present even in the coincidences that sometimes seem so strange? For, if He be in the things that coincide, He must be in the coincidence of those things. Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood by George MacDonald

Mere coincidence? Perhaps a touch of providence… 🙂

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