A Nifty Contraption to Help You in Your Reading

I came across this wire book stand at a 100 Yen Store a while back and thought I’d give it a try. It’s so wonderful that I’ve decided to dedicate this post to extolling it’s virtues.

Here it is in action. 🙂


When I read in the winter, I usually end up with freezing hands, especially when I’m snuggled up in my bed with a book, but no longer. 🙂 With this little guy holding my book, my hands can stay nicely tucked into my blanket or sweater. Goodbye cold hands! Hello warm hands! I have warm and happy thoughts just thinking about it! 🙂

It’s also very helpful for note taking.


I have to admit, this particular model has it’s limitations when it comes to the books it’s can hold. Thankfully, it does hold the average sized book. It just can’t hold small or thick books. For a hundred yen, though, I really can’t complain.

Perhaps this would solve my problem. One of these days, when I feel enterprising enough, I’m going to try making it and post my results. 🙂

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2 responses to “A Nifty Contraption to Help You in Your Reading”

  1. tomoko (@tokosmo) says :

    I love it! Buying this as soon as I get back. 🙂

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