This Week’s Books #2


A little late, but here are the books I’m reading this week…

Love Does by Bob Goff
Intellectuals by Paul Johnson
Matthew for Everyone–Part One by N. T. Wright
Diary of an Old Soul by George MacDonald

And to help me formulate my thoughts re. Jekyll and Hyde, I will also be rereading much of…
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Reason For God by Timothy Keller

Most of these titles are the same as last week, but I’ve decided to be less ambitious and I’ve taken five books off the stack. At the same time, I’ve also added two books (I just noticed the two books I added were written by American authors–totally unintentional, but I think it adds a nice balance. 🙂 )

Below is a photo of  last week’s books. I thought it would be interesting to compare what I intended to read along with what I actually read.


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4 responses to “This Week’s Books #2”

  1. tomoko (@tokosmo) says :

    I love that you’re so organized about what you read. There’s always a definite plan. 🙂 I’m mainly tackling grammar books at present. I try to always be reading a grammar guide; when I finish one, I pick up another. But this is mainly to ease my mind over work-related business. Heh.

    • Meg says :

      Thanks, Tom. 🙂 I try, but I haven’t been too successful these past few weeks. There’s nothing like the arrival of a book order to disrupt one’s reading plans. I’ve gotten distracted and excited with the arrival of my new books and poking around in them, I feel like I have ADD or something. 🙂

      Grammar guides are great and necessary (all the more so if one is an editor ;)). I’m actually planning on re-reading “The Elements of Style” to help me brush up on my writing skills. It’s such an excellent book! It’s so concise and easy and fun to read. “The Elements of Style” along with this other book called “Write Source 2000” have been my go-to books for all things grammar over the years and the only two good grammar books that I know of. …I just realized that right now would be the perfect time to get your very knowledgeable opinion, what are your favorite grammar books and what are the top three or two grammar books you would recommend for a grammar noob like me? (I can’t believe I’ve never asked you this before! :O)

      • tomoko (@tokosmo) says :

        Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I’ve been a bit scattered all over the place. Heh. “The Elements of Style” is concise and excellent. I heartily approve.

        The two books I refer to most often in my work are “The McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage” and “The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th.”

        That first book has easy-to-understand explanations of grammar rules, and I inevitably look at it when encountering lie/lay or who/whom, or any other pitfalls that trip me up no matter how many times I memorize the convention.

        The second book has a larger scope and focuses on publishing and how a book should appear in print, along with sections on grammar, usage, and punctuation.

        A few other noteworthy mentions, which focus more on writing style versus grammar, are “The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing” and “On Writing Well.” That last one is probably my favorite book on writing 🙂

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